Presently, there are two separate Shepard=s Citators that report Pennsylvania case law namely, Shepards Atlantic Reporter Citations and Shepard=s Pennsylvania Citations. Naturally, Pennsylvania case law would also be reported when applicable in Shepard=s Federal Citations and Shepard=s United States Citations, but for the most part, Shepard=s Atlantic and Pennsylvania Citations will be the primary resource for shepardizing Pennsylvania case law.

Shepards Pennsylvania Citations, 1994. Sixth Edition.

Colorado Springs, CO: Shepard's McGraw Hill, 1994. 9 vols. 7 vols case edition and 2 volumes statutes, 2 bound volume supplements 1994-1999, plus advance sheets.

This is the sixth edition of Shepards Pennsylvania Citations. The nine volumes are divided into seven parts or volumes for the Case edition and two parts for the Statute Edition. The volumes are similar on the outside as the previous edition, but changes on the inside are similar to other new changes made by Shepards as they have rolled out newly revised editions over the past year.

The Case Edition is broken down into seven volumes, two more than the previous 1987 edition. Part 1 covers the Early Pennsylvania Supreme Court reports consisting of the nominative reports from 1754 to 1845. This section is followed by the State Reports for volumes 1 to 255. Part 2 covers State Reports volumes 256 to 490. Part 3 covers State Reports volumes 491 to 534, the 5 sets that comprise the Miscellaneous State Reports (Grant, Walker, Pennypacker, Sadler, Monaghan), and Pennsylvania Superior Court cases for volumes 1 to 240. Part 4 covers the Superior Reports from volumes 241 to 430, followed by the Commonwealth Court Reports, volumes 1-160, and the Pennsylvania County Court Reports. Volume 5 covers the Pennsylvania District Court Reports and District & County Reports in its four series, followed by Atlantic Reporter 1st series, and volumes 1 to 44 of the Atlantic 2d series. Part 6 and 7 continue Atlantic 2d series with volumes 45 to 380 and 381 to 637, respectively.

The Statute Edition still has two volumes. Part 1 contains U.S. Constitution, United States Code, United Statutes at Large, United States Treaties and Other International Agreements, Federal Court rules section, Pennsylvania Constitution 1874 and 1968, Miscellaneous Superseded Code Provisions not found in P.S. or Pa.C.S., Purdon's Statutes, Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes and Pennsylvania Pamphlet Laws Uncodified (Pamphlet laws) from 1700 to 1899. Part 2 continues the Pamphlet Laws from 1900 to 1993 followed by Miscellaneous Superseded Court Rules, Bar Admission Rules, Rules of Disciplinary Enforcement, Rules of Professional Conduct, Rules of Appellate Procedure, Rules of Judicial Administration, Supreme Court Orphans' Court, Rules of Civil Procedure, Rules of Criminal Procedure, District Magistrate Rules (short title), Code of Professional Responsibility, Code of Judicial Conduct, Philadelphia and Allegheny County Local Rules of the various courts, and Table of Pennsylvania Acts.

This new edition now contains six columns to a page for easier reading. Case names are now included for each of the courts, but begin with volume 110 of the Pennsylvania State Reports and volume 109 of the Pennsylvania Superior Court Reports. I am not sure why the complete set does not have the names listed for earlier cases. Another major change, for the better, is the breaking down of the Constitution section into the 1874 and 1968 sections; in addition, the court rules are now broken down at the top of the pages to easily identify which court rules section one is looking for. The abbreviation tables have been revised with better explanations of what is meant by the marginal notes in the history and treatment of the cases and statutes.

Two major portions of the earlier edition are missing in this new edition: the individual county reports or side reports and the home rule charter/ordinance section. Shepards stopped citing to the individual county reports back in 1970-72 period. The 1987 edition reflected this stoppage but at least included those citations in the Case Edition. Now, probably because of the long time period separating their publication and this new edition, the county reports are not included. However, these county cases are still cited by lawyers. Practitioners still "shepardize" these cases up to 1972, and if a District & County Report citation exists, it can still be "shepardized" under that cite. Without a D.&C. cite, the researcher can check cases only by performing full-text searching either in LEXIS or WESTLAW.

By eliminating the home rule charter/ordinance section of the Statute Edition, researchers are limited in their ability to search municipal law. Home rule charters are published in full text in the 300 title series of the Pennsylvania Code. Since Shepard's Citations does not "shepardize" the Code, this was a useful addition that the librarian could refer patrons to. Little information exists on municipal law today and the information in Shepards was at least a start if you had nowhere to turn. Fortunately, Lawyers Coop is adding a volume on municipal law in its Summary of Pennsylvania Jurisprudence 2d, but that will not be available until some time next year.

State Shepard's contain citations to lower court cases and all law school law reviews that originate in the state as well as 20 national law reviews (Harvard, Columbia, etc.)..

Shepard=s Atlantic Reporter Citations:

Regional Shepard=s contain citations only to regional reporters where the state cases are published. Shepard's for regional reporters do not cover lower court cases nor periodicals except for the ABA Journal. However, the regional Shepards do provide citations to A.L.R. Annotations. Currently, to Shepardize the cases decided in the Superior and Commonwealth courts you will have to use only the Shepard=s Atlantic Reporter Citations since the reporters for the Superior and Commonwealth courts are ceased publication.