Administrative Law

Pennsylvania Bulletin

The Pennsylvania Bulletin is analogous to the Federal Register on the federal level. The Bulletin began publication in 1970. It is published weekly by Fry Communications for the Pennsylvania Legislative Reference Bureau. The Bulletin contains the proposed and final regulations of the various state departments and agencies, notices of meetings, state and local court rules, and state contract information. There is a detailed table of contents in each issue and a list of Pennsylvania Code titles and sections in each issue. There is a quarterly, cumulative index and a cumulative, annual index.

The Bulletin is available on the Internet from 1996 to present at

Pennsylvania Code

Pennsylvania Code contains the final regulations of the departments and agencies of the state government and is analogous to the Code of Federal Regulations on the federal level. The Code is broken down into the following parts: Titles 1 to 99 contains the departments and agencies regulations. Titles 100 series contains the rules of the General Assembly and the House and Senate. Titles 200 series contains the Judiciary and its related agencies, (including sentencing guidelines in chapter 204) and the unannotated versions of the rules of civil procedure, criminal procedure, appellate procedure, evidence, and district magistrates' rules. Titles 300 series contains the full text of the home rule charters of counties and municipalities arranged alphabetically by county, e.g., Title 301 is Adams, Title 302 is Allegheny.

Indexes: Master Index is a one volume subject index to the entire Code. Each title has a more detailed index. Finding Aids Volume: This volume contains a description of the Code and its statutory origins in the Commonwealth Documents Law, reprinted in Title 45 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes.

There is a complete table of contents of all titles and sections of the Code. There are also tables of alphabetical listing of departments/agencies, cross references between Purdon's Statutes (P.S. or Pa.C.S.A.) and the Code titles and sections, and a table of cases cited in the Code sections, and a cross listing between federal statutes and federal regulations found in the Code. The Code is published as a looseleaf service that is updated monthly. The final regulations are published in the Code. Each release is numbered and has a date (month and year) at the bottom of the page. On the lower left corner is the serial page number in parenthesis. Every page of the Code from its inception has a serial page number to identify that page. By checking the page number against the transmittal pages at the front of each title, one can easily check to determine if the page is current or not. Some larger law libraries have bound volumes of the superseded pages of the Code if you need to obtain previously published pages of the Code.

The Pennsylvania Code is available online at