Pennsylvania Legal Research Handbook. By Prof. Frank Y. Liu, Dr. Joel Fishman, Dittakavi Rao and Tsegaye Beru. Philadelphia: American Lawyer Media, 2001.

The primary emphasis of this handbook is to identify comprehensively and exhaustively the existing Pennsylvania legal information resources in all available media and to describe their research methods. Illustrations from Lexis, Westlaw, Loislaw, Versuslaw and other Internet sources are included wherever they are necessary. The Table of Contents include: Chapter 1 Introduction, Chapter 2 Constitutions, Chapter 3 Legislation, Chapter 4 Legislative History, Chapter 5 Municipal Law, Chapter 6 Administration Law, Chapter 7 Case Law, Chapter 8 Court Rules, Chapter 9 Secondary Sources, Chapter 10 Law Libraries & Organizations and Chapter 11 Conclusion.

Pennsylvania Legal Research. By Mark Silverman, Head of Public Services, Univ. of Pittsburgh School of Law.

This article is to serve as a quick guide to Pennsylvania legal materials. Contents of this article include: Encyclopedias, Periodicals, Treatises, Form Books, Shepards under Secondary Sources, Judicial Materials, Appellate Reports, Side Reports, Case Digests, Briefs, Statutory Materials, Bills, Constitutions, Session Laws, Codifications, Legislative History, Administrative Regulations, Administrative Decisions, Attorney General Opinions under Primary Sources and Related Tools.