Vale Pennsylvania Digest: This is the West digest for Pennsylvania case law from 1754 to 1938. It covers the Supreme Court (early nominative reports of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, the Pennsylvania State Reports, and Miscellaneous State Reports), the Superior Court, and the various county courts that predate the Constitution of 1968, e.g., county court, oyer and terminer, quarter sessions, common pleas, district courts, orphans= courts, family courts, etc. Cases covered include the individual county court reports and the District & County Reports. It also covers Pennsylvania cases that went to the United States Supreme Court, United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, U. S. District Courts within Pennsylvania, and U. S. Bankruptcy Courts. There is table of cases (plaintiff-defendant tables), a defendant-plaintiff tables volumes, and words and phrases volume. The table of cases provides the history of the case and the digest topics for the case; the defendant-plaintiff table only provides the citation to the case. Volume 1-1C no longer exists as a descriptive word index; use the index at the end of the 2d series.

West=s Pennsylvania Digest 2d Series: This is the West digest for Pennsylvania case law from 1938 to the present, coinciding with Atlantic Reporter 2d series or its Pennsylvania Reporter offshoot. The Digest covers from United States Supreme Court down to the county court level including the Commonwealth Court from its inception in 1970, but no longer covers individual county court cases past the mid-1970s unless cited in the Pa. District & County Reports (D.&.C.). The Table of Cases (plaintiff-defendant tables) volumes and Defendant-Plaintiff Tables volume have recently been revised into one alphabetical listing along with history and digest topics. The Words and Phrases volumes are now expanded to three volumes (vols. 79-81) providing the digest summaries under each word or phrase.

West=s Atlantic Reporter Digest: This is the West digest for the Atlantic Reporter 1st series covering state appellate court cases from the 1880s down to 1932. There are 13 states covered in the digest including Pennsylvania and the other states, except for New York, that go up the eastern coast from District of Columbia up to Maine. There is a table of cases, defendant-plaintiff table of cases, descriptive word index, and Words and Phrases volume.

West=s Atlantic Reporter Digest 2d Series. This is the West digest for the Atlantic Reporter 2d series covering from 1931 to the present This digest covers only appellate court cases in the state courts including Pennsylvania Supreme, Superior, and Commonwealth Courts. It does not include D.&C. Reports.

American Century Digest: This is a cumulative edition of all federal and state appellate court cases from the colonial period down to 1896. Thereafter, there are ten year supplements, called decennials, that are compiled from the individual volumes of the General Digest Series. Currently, there are ten complete decennial digests with the Eleventh Decennial Part I (1996 to 2001) beginning to be published in May 2001. For the 9th and 10th Decennials, West began cumulating the volumes after only five years but kept the Decennial Digest numbering system. The 9th Decennial covers 1976 to 1981 and 1981 to 1986. The 10th Decennial covers 1986 to 1991 and 1991 to 1996. The 11th Decennial will cover from 1996 to 2006. Each Decennial has a descriptive-word index and table of cases, but no words and phrases volume(s) like the federal or state digests.

West=s General Digests: The 9th Series has just been completed covering from 1996 to 2001. The 10th Series just published volume 1 in May 2001 (red bindings).. These volumes are published monthly covering all federal and state appellate court cases. For Pennsylvania, that means cases from the Pennsylvania Supreme, Superior, and Commonwealth Courts (no county courts). Each volume covers topics from A to Z and are not cumulative. One has to search a particular topic in each volume or look up a citation. Every tenth volume has a cumulative list of digest topics with which volumes contain those references and a cumulative table of cases for the previous ten volumes.