Bongiovanni, Joseph N., Pennsylvania Transactions Guide. This 16 volume set is published by Mathew Bender and Co. The 16th volume is a general index to the entire set. Volumes 1-4 deals with business entities, volumes 5-7 covers wills and trusts, volumes 8-10 covers commercial transactions, volumes 11-13 deals with real estate transactions and volumes 14and 15 covers personal actions.

This is an annual publication and in the loose-leaf format.

Gibbons, Charles B., West’s Pennsylvania Legal Forms. This multi-volume set is published by the West Publishing Co.

Topics covered in this set are: Fundamental procedures for practice before Pennsylvania Courts including, appeals and alternative dispute resolution procedures. Domestic Relations, Estate Administration, Business Organizations, Real Estate, Debtor-Creditor, Estate Planning, Commercial Transactions.

Forms are accurate to statutory rules. The text cites to primary and secondary authority. Provides comments to guide the practitioner.

The set contains table of rules, statutes and cases. Currently, there are 15 volumes that are kept-up-to-date by annual pocket parts.

Griffith, Lonnie E. Standard Pennsylvania Practice, Goodrich, Amram 2d This multi-volume includes: Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure, rules changes, recent case and statutory authority. Full text of explanatory comments of civil procedure rules committee. Includes total client service library references to Standard Pennsylvania Practice 2d., Am.Jur.2d., Am.Jur.Trials, Am.Jur.Pleading and Practice Forms, Am.Jur.Legal Forms2d, Am.Jur. Proof of Facts and A.L.R. Annotation books.

This set is in 13 volumes and a separate index volume. This set is updated with annual pocket parts.

Heintz, Paul C. Dunlap-Hanna Pennsylvania Forms. This multi-volume loose-leaf material is published by Mathew Bender. This set includes: Profit and Non-profit Organizations, Business Transactions, Commercial Law, Employment Law, Real Property, Wills and Trust Agreements, Register of Wills and Orphans Court Procedures, Family Law, Civil Litigation at Law and Equity and Special and Statutory Actions.

This set is in 14 volumes and the 14th volume is the general index. In addition to the general index each volume has its own separate index containing references to chapters included in that particular volume.

Subject specific books such as Pennsylvania Forms for the Rules of Civil Procedure by Stanton R. Wettick Jr., Pennsylvania Domestic Relations: Practice by Saul Levit and Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company: Forms and Practice Manual by VanLeer C. David III and Jay Zagoren contain several useful forms.